How To Delete A Page In Word with Windows 10 and Mac 2017

If you are an office person and use Microsoft Word every day then you will need to Delete Page In Word and Delete A Blank Page In Word. Many Microsoft Word users are looking for how to delete an extra page in word. As there is no any direct option to delete pages in Microsoft word 2017. If you are not a big fan of formatting in a word document then you could manually select the content of that page and hit delete in order to get rid of that page.

Microsoft Word users may run into this problem: a blank page either in the middle or at the end of a document is frustrating. You can choose to print only select pages, but that doesn’t exactly solve the problem. You have to permanently Remove A Page In Word.

Delete A Page In Word

How To Delete A Page In Word with Windows 10 and Mac

Extra blank pages in Microsoft Word are usually the result of extra paragraphs or page breaks. If your document is long and you see a blank page then it is not possible to remove a blank page in Windows 10.

Microsoft Office Word allows supervision and the formation of complex documents in your business that is small. These files incorporate numerous kinds from charts and images, of material to plain text and platforms.

Whenever you delete a page, nevertheless, in addition, you delete all information on that page. If you’ve tried to delete a blank page by clicking on the bottom-right corner of a blank page and or pressing backspace, you can solve the problem by deleting all of the hidden format markers.

How to Delete a Page in word

You can select and delete a single page of content in your document in Windows 10 and Mac.

  • Place your cursor anywhere in the page that you want to delete.

  • On the Home tab, in the Find group, click the arrow next to Find > click Go To.

  • Type \page and > click Go To.

  • The content of the page is selected.
  • Click Close > press DELETE. Hope this will help with Delete A Page In Word.

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Delete blank page at the end of a document

  • Make sure that you’re in Draft view (on the View option in the status bar, click Draft). If nonprinting characters, such as paragraph markers (¶), are not visible, on Home, in the Paragraph group, click Show/Hide Paragraph mark.

To delete a blank page at the end of the document, select the page break, paragraph markers (¶) at the end of the document, and click DELETE.

Delete blank page which couldn’t be deleted in Windows and Mac

  • Open the word file and click on the office button.

  • Go to the print option and select print preview from the options.

  • That’s it you have successfully deleted an extra blank page in word.

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