How To Download Offline Maps in Windows 10 Maps App

With the launch of Windows 10 OS and the new update, Microsoft has announced new Maps for Windows PC and Windows Phone users with new graphics and navigation system. If you are regular smartphone users then you are most probably using online maps either it is Google Maps or Apple Maps. But now if you are using Windows 10 and looking for best Maps application then don’t. Here in this article we will show you how to use Offline Maps For Windows PC and Fix Windows 10 Maps Not Working.

Microsoft has included a new Maps application that comes preinstalled with new Windows 10 OS. Now if you know you’re going to use your PC in a location without an Internet connection, and you need access to maps, you can download maps and save it on your device for a specific location. If you don’t know How To  Download Offline Maps in Windows 10 Minecraft then this article will help you.

The Windows 10 Maps app can automatically download map knowledge while the person navigates the application as-needed. This gives up-to the most -day encounter and usually isn’t an issue for today’s huge and Internet connections that are fast. But if you generally go places without fast or trusted Net, or if your mobile data association is metered, you can manually obtain map knowledge beforehand to ensure that your Windows-10 device always includes a place of the destinations which might be very important to you. Here’s how to get offline routes while in the Windows 10 Maps application.

How To Download Offline Maps in Windows 10

Windows Phone has been having help for traditional maps from a significant number of years in collaboration with BELOW Maps. The exact same Maps applications with various developments ported to Windows 10 and continues to be superior, in delivering the general Windows 10 Routes app which perhaps works for Computer and Microsoft has succeeded. If you are searching for Google Maps For Windows 10 PC and Offline Maps For Windows 7 then in this How To Download Offline Maps in Windows 10 guide will help you.

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Whether you’re making a trip to a spectacular site or simply just to some other city in your region, it is possible that, sometime throughout your trip, you’ll require direction. Naturally, almost everyone possesses a smartphone or perhaps a Navigation-enabled gadget that can help guarantee anyone that you’re on the right page. But, in a few cases, you can’t get any sign or you can’t find an web connection accessible as soon as you’ll need it one of the most. In this specific article we are going to explain to you How to download offline maps for Windows 10, so that you may use them. Check How to Fix Windows 10 Maps Not Working and Windows 10 Offline Maps Storage Location.

Windows 10 offers the ability to get the offline routes, which can be employed for later use if you find no web connection – it will help one to entry maps and get directions minus the fear an extremely helpful instrument for tourists, of connectivity to locate guidelines. Windows 10 includes a feature for Maps that allows you to download them for offline use. This comes in handy when you know that you’ll be traveling to an area where your Windows 10 device won’t have Wi-Fi or data connection.

Downloading maps for offline use is the best feature for smartphones and laptops. For example, downloading Google Maps on iPhone. There are many other apps that can help you to use Offline Maps but no one like Microsoft Maps. Here is How To Download Offline Maps in Windows 10.

  • Click the Settings option under start menu > Choose the System option, the first option in Settings Panel.

  • Choose Offline Maps.
  • Under the Maps section clicks on Download maps option.

  • Now choose the country for which you want the map. You can also choose more than one country by using the multi-select option from the bottom bar.

  • After selection, click on download button and the selected maps data will be downloaded one by one. Please be patient until all your maps complete downloading.
  • The Maps application is a universal application by Microsoft.

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Hope you liked this article on How To Download Offline Maps in Windows 10 and find Windows 10 Offline Maps Storage Location. If you still have any issues then comment below. We will help you.

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