How To Fix Memory Management Error Windows 10 (0x0000001A)

Memory Management error is also known as 0x0000001A is a software critical Windows 10 issue that you have to solve before it creates any serious hardware crash issues on your system. According to Microsoft OS experts, this error occurred When Windows 10 detects some damage in the system memory or drivers, it crashes itself and displays this error message in a blue screen window. This is an another blue screen error message. In case you received this error the first time, note that this Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is caused by hardware issue or malfunctioned, outdated, corrupted drivers.

The most common solution for memory_management error windows 10 problem is to restart your computer simply. After the restart, you shouldn’t get memory management error windows 10 install message anymore. So, before you try anything else, just restart your computer and see if the issue is fixed or not.  The memory_management error is one of the common errors faced by Windows 10 users; The Memory_Management error is also known 0x0000001A error, it appears when the computer is turned on and boots. The memory_management error message is just another error message that looks with the BSOD. The most basic, as well as the most common option for this dilemma will be to simply restart your PC. Following the restart, you shouldn’t understand this error message anymore. So, before you try other things, just restart your PC and see if the problem is fixed. However, if MEMORY_MANAGEMENT error message still seems, after you restarted your personal computer, there’s something more advanced you should attempt. Just follow the instructions below.

MEMORY_MANAGEMENT error, just another bluescreen of death in Windows 10. Luckily, this may count together of the simplest blue screen of death issues to resolve. Usually, you could only restart your computer to create it disappear. If MEMORY_MANAGEMENT problem remains after you restart your personal computer, please try the selections below to acquire it fixed on your own. Microsoft suggests you search to run into a particularly infuriating BSOD error while running Windows 10.

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This error message is the same error message like other BSOD error. Before you try anything else, just restart your computer and see if Fix Memory Management Error Windows 10 with Windows 10 memory usage is working or not.

How To Fix Windows 10 Memory Management Error

How To Fix Memory Management Error Windows 10 (0x0000001A)

The MEMORY MANAGEMENT Windows 10 bug check has a value of 0x0000001A.

windows 10 error memory management: Other possibilities are BIOS and antivirus, antispyware, security programs and motherboard problems which are the reasons behind Windows 10 memory_management error.

  • Random Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) with Memory_Management Error
  • Applications crashes
  • Data corruptions can occur when extracting an archive file
  • Computer becomes slow

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Solution 1 – Run SFC Scanner

SFC/SCANNOW is Microsoft’s tool to solve this kind of Blue screen death error in Windows 10.
Many Windows 10 users, suffering from windows 10 memory management error, reported that SFC/SCANNOW command will resolve the issue. What you need to do to run this command:

  • Right-click on the Start Menu button and go to Command Prompt (Admin)
  • Enter the following line into Command Prompt and press Enter: sfc/scannowmemory management fix


  • Wait until the process is finished (it may take a while) and see if any errors are fixed

Solution 2 – Run Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

If solution 1 doesn’t do anything in memory_management error windows 10 then try this solution. This means that something is wrong with your RAM memory. If your RAM memory is corrupted, the best solution is to replace it with the new one. But before that try this solution for Windows 10 error memory management, try this Windows Memory Diagnostic tool, and see that if it is working or not. Follow these steps to Fix this error.

  • Go to Search, type windows diagnostic tool and open Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool
  • Choose Restart now and check for problems


  • Let your computer restart, and on the next startup, the tool will report if something’s wrong with your RAM memory
  • If Something is wrong with your RAM then replace it.

Solution 3 : Update Windows for windows 10 memory management BSOD

  • Type check for update and Open the windows update in settings.
  • Click on the Check for updates. This will check windows updates. If there is any update available for the current system, download and install it.
  • Reboot your computer and then see if error solved or not.

Solution 4 : Check Device Manager for Bad Drivers

  • Faulty or damages, outdated drivers, installed in the System can cause Memory Management error on Windows 10. The best solution is to find the faulty or outdated drivers and fix them.
  • You can easily download latest drivers on the Internet.
  • To find drivers, Go to My Computer Property and then go to Device manager. You will see all installed drivers there.

Hope above solutions for memory management error windows 10 will fix your issue.  Comment below if you want any kind of help regarding windows 10 memory management crash.

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