Fix Windows Cannot Setup a Homegroup on This Computer

Windows 10 comes with new features, but Microsoft has added many new security features to protect users data and for privacy purposes. For any Computer, Networking is a crucial part because, without networking protocols, you cannot connect with other computers or you cannot share files with other users. To connect two computers in Windows, you have to create Homegroup, but many Windows 10 users have reported Homegroup cannot be set up on this computer error.

Windows Cannot Setup a Homegroup

Windows offer its users a HomeGroup feature, which has been created to earn file sharing experience much simpler than before. Shown in the next figure, the window lets you choose the folders you need to share with your Homegroup family. While you’re using Windows 7, all you have to do is to hit the Windows button, type the search text, and you’ve got the search ends in place.

Set the Startup type to Automatic and be sure you click on Start in case the service isn’t running. If it’s still not working, some related services might be turned off, and you will need to make them running for Homegroup. All the aforementioned services want to run for the HomeGroup feature to work correctly. It may also detect when services have stopped, or if there’s a network latency issue. Whether this service isn’t running, HomeGroup won’t function whatsoever. Peer Networking Grouping service is just one of the core technologies used in HomeGroup feature. In the event the Peer Networking Grouping service isn’t running, you’re affected by this matter.

FIX 1 – Start Peer Name Resolution Protocol Service

  • Open run and type services.Mac and then press enter.
  • Scroll down and search for the Peer Name Resolution Protocol service.

  • The issue on computer happens because the service is stopped.
  • In the service property, click Start. Click on Apply > Ok.
  • Once you started this service, you can re-check the status of the problem.

FIX 2 – Delete idstore.sst File Using File Explorer

Windows could not start the Peer Name Resolution Protocol service on Local Computer. Error code: 0x80630801. If you are looking for how to set up homegroup windows 10 or create homegroup windows 10 then when you connect two computer, you will see windows can’t set up a homegroup on this computer problem.

  • Navigate to C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Roaming\PeerNetworking
  • In the File Explorer tab, switch to the View tab and check File name extensions. Then locate the idstore.sst file inside PeerNetworking folder and delete it.
  • Reboot to fix this issue.


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