How to Uninstall Internet Explorer 11 Windows 10 Easily

Internet Explorer is Microsoft’s default browser in Windows operating system, but due to some reasons, it is not recommended to use internet explorer 11. But after Windows 10 update, Microsoft has changed whole browser structure. But do you know uninstall internet explorer 11 and how to get internet explorer back?

The latest version of Internet Explorer 11 comes with new features and tools for browsing and security. Sometimes Windows users are getting Internet Explorer 11 isn’t working properly, you can revert to your default version using uninstall internet explorer 11 command line. You can do this from within Windows or by using the Command Prompt. There are many ways to uninstall ie11 server 2008 r2, but if you want, you can check how to reinstall Internet Explorer 11 using e11 uninstall tool. Internet Explorer is a built in browser in Windows based operating system.

The last type of the browser is nevertheless only available on Windows 8.1, a totally free update for all devices running Windows8. Microsoft Windows-8 cruises with Internet Explorer 10, that will be replaced to IE 11 when Windows 8.1 is installed around the program.

How to uninstall internet explorer 11 windows 10

If you are facing problems with websites or applications in IE11 because of compatibility issues, then follow this article on How to uninstall internet explorer 11 windows 10 and ie11 uninstall tool.

There is no way to make IE10 or lower versions work on Windows 10. To uninstall IE11, follow these steps.

  • Go to Control Panel > Programs > Turn Windows features on or off.

  • Uncheck Internet Explorer 11, then select OK.

  • Select Yes for a warning you receive about Turning off Internet Explorer 11.
  • The removal process will start after these steps, and you will be prompted to restart the computer.

Windows Vista and earlier systems won’t get access to the new version of Internet Explorer at all. This will help you with uninstalling internet explorer 11 command line.

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