Fix Outlook Stuck On Loading Profile in Windows 10

If you are facing problems like Outlook Stuck On Loading Profile or Outlook 2010 Loading Profile Not Responding then you are landed on right page. In this article we will show you how to solve Outlook Stuck On Loading Profile and fix Outlook Hangs On Starting in Windows 10. The main problem is, Outlook hangs because its data files are being accessed by other applications and

When Outlook starts, it needs to access and lock its data files (PST or OST files) in order to read & write to them. But if not locked, you will receive issues like Outlook 2016 Stuck At Loading Profile. So to open or use Outlook again you have to fix Outlook 365 Stuck On Loading Profile problems.

Each of a quick some day, Outlook 2013 caught at start and goes into a cycle of Loading Profile monitor and won’t proceed even with waiting for hours. This Outlook Stuck On Loading Profile issue was common in Windows 8 and today it’s been seen on Windows- 0 too. And when you think your.pst report went bad or got damaged, and you also attempt to rename it or move it, Outlook won’t permit that happen whenever you might have killed the Outlook completely from task manager. So, let’s fix these issues Outlook 2010 Loading Profile Takes A Long Time and Outlook Hangs On Processing in Windows.

Outlook Stuck On Loading Profile

Outlook Stuck On Loading Profile

Fix Outlook Stuck On Loading Profile in Windows 10

  • If Outlook used to load fine until recently, check the applications or Third-party programs are syncing with Outlook at the time (for example Google Calendar, Microsoft Communicator, etc.).
  • Solution: establish the installed programs that may need synchronizing with View and stop these applications from their sync process or watch for them to complete;
  • Your anti-virus is scanning your data. Solution: disable your anti virus and see if the problem is resolved
  • Your Windows SE is currently reading/indexing your documents. Solution: stop the indexing service and see if View loads fine;
  • There’s an early on Outlook process/session that still runs in the background, locking your data. Solution: start the Windows Task Manager and kill (end procedure) the outlook.exe procedures which are working, then try again to begin Outlook.
  • Outlook hangs due to a conflict using a third party program
  • While this situation shouldn’t occur, it does. Like, it’s famous that SonicWall VPN could potentially cause Prospect to stop loading and the only remedy would be to uninstall SonicWall.

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Solution 1: How to Repair a .pst file

  • Close Outlook, and navigate to <drive>:\Program Files — or, if you see a Program Files (x86) folder. For example, C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86).
  • Search for Scanpst.exe > Double-click Scanpst.exe > Enter the name of the file you want to scan, enter the name of the .pst file you want the tool to check.
  • By default, a new log file is created during the scan > Click Start.
  • If the scan finds errors, you’re prompted to start the repair process to fix them.
  • Click Repair if it found anu problems.
  • Start Outlook together with the report which has the Outlook Data File which you fixed.
  • Switch for the Folder List view in the Folder Pane by pressing Ctrl+6.
  • In the Folder area, you might see a folder called Recovered Personal Files which contains your default View files or even a Lostandfound file. Even though repair method might replicate some of the folders, they could be clear. The Lost and Found file contains any versions and goods recovered from the repair software that View can’t invest their original design.
  • You can create an Outlook Data File, and drag into the new data file. After you’ve moved all the items, you can remove the Personal Folders (.pst) file. This will kill outlook files and prevent other apps to access them. Hope Outlook Stuck On Loading Profile issues will be fixed. If not then try below solutions.

Solution 2

Open Command Prompt (Admin) and type in following command and press enter:

chkdsk c: /f

Restart your computer and Outlook Stuck On Loading Profile problem fixed.

Solution 3

You need to Open Outlook in Safe mode in order to solve this Outlook 2010 Loading Profile Takes A Long Time problem.

  • Open Run > Type – Outlook /safe and press Enter.
  • Disable the faulty add-ons:
  • Go to Outlook 2013 > File > Options.
  • Click on Add-ons > Select COM Add-ins under Manage > Next.
  • Disable all add-ins or the ones you think could be faulty > Then Click OK.
  • Close the Outlook 2013 and re-open normally. now you see Outlook 2016 Stuck At Loading Profile or Outlook 2010 Loading Profile Not Responding has been solved.

We hope you liked this Fix Outlook Stuck On Loading Profile in Windows 10. IF you are still getting Outlook 2016 Stuck At Loading Profile and facing Outlook Hangs On Processing/starting then comment below. We will help you.

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