How to Remove Microsoft Account From Windows 10 and 8?

How to Remove Microsoft Account From Windows 10: A few months later, we heard a new regarding Microsoft Spy on Windows 10 users. Windows 10 has many privacy violations, Start menu, and apps which are too much for you to bear? Many Windows 10 users have reported this issue and force Microsoft to stop tracking users information. However, there is no any response from Microsoft. Many Windows 10 users have found a way to solve this issue by removing Microsoft account. If you’re using a local user account on Windows 10  and have signed in to the Microsoft Store app using the same Microsoft account, You will see alerts asking to enter your local user account to switch local account into Microsoft account in Windows 10 easily. Follow this tutorial on how to remove the Microsoft account from Windows 10.

Among the many important changes and features to Windows 10, Microsoft account login is the best option to enter into the system. Microsoft has changed the way to login into OS. How to delete the Microsoft account in Windows 8 is the trending question. Deleting your Microsoft account can be a great way to ensure that none of your data is used by the company without your permission, while also removing yourself from the Windows database so no information can be collected by unapproved third-party sources. In this article, we will show you How To Remove Microsoft Account From Windows 8 and Delete Administrator Account Windows 10.

You can also learn How to Combine Microsoft Accounts and How To Change Administrator On Windows 10. Firms usually offer you a little guff whenever you try removing a merchant account together, but Microsoft includes a fairly few quantity of hoops to bounce right through to achieve this. Regardless of the cause of removing your account, the procedure stays exactly the same. You can find three procedures on the road to totally deleting your Microsoft account. Follow these steps for How To Remove Password In Windows 10.

How to delete user accounts in Windows 10 : If you want to remove a user account from your Windows 10 because you don’t need it, it’s not hard to do at all. Deleting unused user accounts will remove all your data.

How to Delete the Microsoft Account on Windows 10 phone?

You can also combine Microsoft accounts like Local and Microsoft Live Account. We often suggest eliminating protection from your own cellular devices; nevertheless, you utilize just at home needing to enter a code whenever they get into standby function is just a significant discomfort when it involves the computers. Luckily, skipping the Windows 10 code login is simple. Also how to change administrator on Windows 10 also helps you to change login process. This is an easy guide for how Remove Microsoft Account From Windows 10

We’ve found your ways to get gone the OneDrive image in Document Explorer having a registry crack, but that it and OneDrive will nevertheless appear elsewhere. You can eliminate it in Windows-10 or uninstall it though Microsoft doesn’t offer an easy method to eliminate OneDrive. Like Microsoft account login Xbox, you can also check how to remove the Microsoft edge from Windows 10 and delete administrator account windows 10.

how to remove microsoft account from windows 10

How to remove the Microsoft account from Windows 10

Here is how to remove the Microsoft account from Windows 10. Deleting your Microsoft account is the best way to ensure that none of your data is used by others without your permission.

You can sync your data, Install apps across multiple devices and sign in to apps and services that use a Windows account for authentication. Whether it’s concerned over security, worries about how Windows handles private data some users feel happier using a local account. If you are wondering how to remove my Microsoft account from windows 10 or how to remove Microsoft account password from Windows, 10 then follow this guide.

How to Remove Microsoft Account From Windows 10 Locally?

The first step is to remove the Microsoft account from your local machine.

 Delete Your Microsoft Account
Click on “Accounts” section.

 Delete Your Microsoft Account
Once here, you can find the option to remove the Microsoft account at the bottom of the “Your account” tab, highlighted here.

 Delete Your Microsoft Account
Note that if you’re currently signed in to the Microsoft account you want to delete. You’ll need to either create another local account and re-log in. First of all logout from your account and login as a local user.

 Delete Your Microsoft Account
After you’re logged in on a separate account, select the one you plan on deleting, and choose the “Remove” option once it pops up.

 Delete Your Microsoft Account

How to completely delete your Microsoft account Windows 10

Now the Microsoft account has been removed from your PC, you can go ahead with the deletion process on Microsoft’s website.

  1. Open a web browser from your desktop.
  2. Open to the close Microsoft account page.
  3. Sign in with the account using login details.
  4. Click Sign in and then type the last four digits of the number linked to the Microsoft account you’re trying to remove.
  5. Click Sign in. tType the last four digits of phone number.
  6. Click Send code and then enter the code that you’ve received on your phone.
  7. Click Send code. Enter the code sent to your phone.
  8. Click Submit > Click No thanks > Click Submit  > No thanks.
  9. Click the drop-down arrow and Select a reason.
  10. Click a reason for closing your account to tell them or improve help.
  11. Click the drop-down arrow beside Select a reason and tell the reason for closing your account.
  12. Click Mark account for closure. And then press done.
  13. Click Mark account for closure. Click Done.

Hope you liked this tutorial on how to remove my Microsoft account from Windows 10 and how to completely remove the Microsoft account from Windows 10. If you have any issue, then comment below.

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