How to Share Xbox One Games in Home

Share Xbox One Games: In the modern technology, downloads for games are said to push the user’s new problems with the old consoles. For the digital downloads, one should carry the discs for the old consoles and later on play the games. While coming into the digital world, Games can be accessed with just a sign-in with right correct email id with the console. The problem arises when your whole family will play the game with the same account. With this, it is less convenient for an individual to track their game records in the console.

Microsoft has given an easy workaround for the problem raised with sharing the game with Xbox console. If you’re playing digital games on your Xbox One, you’ll be glad to learn that you can truly discuss your digital games with your friends. If you want to Share Xbox One Games in Home with your friends or family then this article will help you. Here we are sharing Xbox One Game Sharing method and Xbox One Family Sharing.

How to Share Xbox One Games in Home

The game sharing of Xbox One games is perhaps greater than sharing your physical discs. Whenever you share a physical disk, only 1 friend can perform the sport at any given time (1 disc = 1 person). However, whenever you share your digital game having a friend, you both can enjoy the exact same game in the same time without any problems whatsoever.

What is game-sharing?

Game-sharing can be a feature on Xbox One that lets you share all your activities and Xbox Live Gold with one (and only 1) of the friends.

You can both game give one another and perform all of the games that are offered at your game libraries. If you don’t know how to game share on Xbox One then don’t worry because we are going to reveal each action to allow you to Share Xbox One Games in Home.

Actually, Microsoft’s Xbox One console would have helped consumers to loan out elements of their catalog to friends and family. That strategy didn’t workout; Microsoft was required to move an alternative route when followers managed to get clear they wouldn’t support a gaming console that required them to become regularly connected to the internet.

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With XboxOne in the Windows 10 operating system if users want to want to share the game with multiple users in a home then the users should select Home Console. Users at first to save the password at the time of sign into Xbox One then it automatically sets to Home Xbox. Here it is to be noted that users can change Home Console to anything. One could easily share and DLC (Downloaded Content) which has been purchased from Xbox Games Store where it comes in with when they sign-in to the console.

Users can share their Xbox Gold subscription to the users who sign-in into Xbox with the same login details. On general users who play Xbox in your house can play the games which have been downloaded by you.

How to Share Xbox One Games in Home

  • Get your friend account information
  • Add the new account to your Xbox One

  • On the Xbox One’s home screen, open the drop-down box in the top-left corner.
  • Select Add New and add the new account.

  • Sign in with your friend’s account by selecting Choose this person.
  • Set your Xbox One as Home Console

  • Now go to Settings > My Xbox > My Home Xbox and select Make this my Home Xbox

  • Download your friend’s games from My Games & Apps > Games. Here you will see all your friend’s games. Select > Download and start playing.


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