How to Use a PS3 Controller on Windows 10

Microsoft has released new Windows 10 Anniversary update for older Windows 10 users with new features and bug fixes. Microsoft Xbox One is the biggest rival of Sony Play Station, and you can easily connect Xbox console with Windows 10 but if you want to use ps3 controller on PC then follow this guide. You can not directly use ps3 controller on windows 10 but with the help of this simple trick, you can install ps3 controller driver windows 10, and after that, you don’t need to spend money on expensive gamepads or joystick for Sony PS3. But sometimes, even after downloading and installing ps3 controller driver windows 10, you cannot connect with ps3 controller windows 10. It is obvious that Microsoft won’t let you use PS3 hardware by default.

Connecting a PS3 controller to a PC is not as difficult as one might expect, and typically requires PC users to connect their Gaming controller.

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Use a ps3 controller on Windows 10

If you think that use ps3 controller on PC is a very difficult task, but it is not. All you need is a USB cable. Although most stock wireless PS3 controllers come packaged with a USB cable. So you don’t need to purchase windows, 10 ps3 controllers. Ps3 Controller On Pc Windows 7 can be possible with the help of little tricks. Many users don’t like to play Xbox One games with the help of Ps3 Controller Driver and Motionjoy Ps3. But how to connect Ps3 Controller To PC. Users don’t want to spend money on expensive gamepads for their computers when they can use the joystick they already have and Motioninjoy Windows 10.

So, to be able to get your PS3 gamepad working on Windows 10 or PlayStation 4 Controller For PC, you have to do a couple of things first. The very first thing you need to do is to download the driver for your PlayStation 3 joystick.

  • All you need to do is while holding Shift, click restart in your start menu. Then Windows will give you some options.
  • Select Troubleshoot, Then Startup Settings > Advanced Options > tartup Settings.
  • Once your PC reboots you can see Startup Settings, press 7 on your keyboard and when windows fully come up, follow the steps.
  • Reboot your PC again, so driver signature enforcement is enabled again and connect your PS3 controller to PC.

If you are considering upgrading, but are questioning whether you may use your PlayStation 3 control in Windows 8, we have the solution for you: Yes! It isn’t a simple plug-and-play solution, but by following these ways, you will be able to use your PS3 controller in Windows 10 easily. The drivers were originally intended to be ad-backed, but very often the website falls, denying people access to their operator!

Use a ps3 controller on Windows 10

  • Open the Driver Manager and next, click the checkbox next to your PS3 controller. There should be only one checkbox.
  • The app will proceed to install ps3 controller driver windows 10.
  • You may want to restart your computer to re-enable the driver signature enforcement for your safety.
  • Go to Start Menu and open Settings
  • Go to Update and Recovery and then Choose Recovery from the left pane
  • Under Recovery section, choose Advanced Startup
  • Your computer will restart, and you’ll get advanced startup options on the next boot
  • In these options, choose Troubleshoot and And then Startup settings
  • The computer will restart again, and it will give you the list of startup settings you can change. Also look for Disable driver signature enforcement, to turn off this option, press F7
  • Restart your computer. Now it’s done.

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