VLC Rotate Video – How to Rotate Video Using VLC Media Player?

VLC Media Player is one of the most popular Audios and video player free available for Windows and Mac OS X Operating system. If you want to use VLC player rotate video on Android, then don’t worry. You can easily download and install VLC player on Android with VLC Rotate Video. It has millions of users worldwide for Windows, Mac, and Linux. One of the best things about VLC player for Mac is, it supports all the available Audio and Video formats. If you are already using the VLC player on Windows and Mac then maybe you are wondering how to rotate the video in VLC.

One thing you might not know that VLC can do, however, is rotate video clips. Yes, with the help of VLC flip video feature, you can easily use VLC rotate video. You can use it to rotate your orientated clips in original format and size. It is damn easy to rotate video VLC player.  VLC Media-Player can perform much more to films than simply enjoying it. We know that it could convert films or flow them from online solutions. These are some of the nice uses of VLC Media Player. Today comes enough time to share a fascinating use of VLC Mediaplayer.

Movies might be turned, transformed and even transposed for different functions. Videos might be just turned by clockwise 90 degrees, 180 degrees, and 270 degrees. You can even switch the video by arbitrary perspectives including 1 level, 27 levels etc. Besides spinning, videos can also be turned horizontally and vertically. Ultimately, movies can also be transposed or anti-transposed, which flips and rotates the movies at the same time. You’ll be surprised by the variety of items that VLC Mediaplayer can do with movies.

How to Rotate Video Using VLC Media Player?

Rotating a video in VLC Media Player is that simple. It supports all of your favorite music and video file formats. When we record video using Android and iOS smartphone, then you know how frustrating it can be to watch it without rotating. If you use Windows OS, there are a couple of possible ways to fix this problem. One of the best ways is VLC media player rotate video and save.

If you want to rotate and keep your video on PC so that it always plays in the correct orientation, then follow this guide. There are many professional tools are available for VLC player to rotate video but if you want to rotate video then check this article on how to rotate the video in VLC.

After checking this VLC rotate video guide, you will know VLC Media Player can do a lot more to videos than just playing and record it. It can convert videos or stream them from online sources and also rotate video VLC while playing them. You can follow this VLC rotate video steps for VLC player rotate video to rotate video by clockwise 90 degrees, 180 degrees, and 270-degree angle. You can rotate the VLC rotate video by arbitrary angles such as 1 degree, and 27 degrees. After that VLC media player rotate video can also be transposed in the latest VLC player update.

  • First, download and install VLC Media Player from the official site. http://www.videolan.org/
  • Select your rotated video and right click to open it with VLC Media Player.
  • In the VLC Media Player Navigate to “Tools” > “Effects and Filters.”

VLC rotate video

  • In “Adjustments and Effects,” choose the “Video Effects.”

  • In “Video Effects,” select”Geometry” and then click the “Transform” option to on transform and make sure that the “Rotate by 90 degrees” setting below is selected. Close the window.

  • If you want to rotate your video at a different angle, then choose that angle.
  • Now play your rotated video with VLC Media player at the right angle.

  • If your setting is ok, then go to “Tools” > “Preferences” and then at the left side’s bottom and choose to “Show All Settings.”

  • Under “Stream Output” tab, expand “Sout stream” >”Transcode” and at right pane under “Video filter” choose the “Video transformation filter.”

  • Select Save setting and then From the main menu choose “Media” > “Convert / Save.”

  • Select “Convert/Save” options at “File” tab, choose “Add” to add your recently rotated video file and press the drop-down arrow of “Convert / Save” button to tap “Convert.”
  • After “convert” options, choose “Browse,” select the destination folder to export file.
  • Select your profile output: “Video – H.264 + MP3 (MP4)” and then press the “Tools” button on the right tab to edit the selected profile.

  • In profile settings, find and click the “Audio codec” tab.
  • Under Audio codec” settings use the drop-down arrow in codec’s line and choose “MP3” and press Save.

  • In “Convert” window tap “Start” to start the conversion.
  • After the process was completed, you can play your video in any media player you like.

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